Pine Hills Country Club welcomes you to our unique and historic golf club. We know that your experience will be most enjoyable if you follow the Pine Hills traditions, customs, and rules.

Mobile Communication Devices

The ringing of and conversations on mobile communication devices can be disruptive to members and guests alike. Therefore, mobile communication devices should be silenced or set to vibrate when on the golf course, clubhouse, outdoor patio areas, and pool deck and ask that you remind your guests of this policy upon arriving at the Club. The use of these devices is permitted in the locker room and in the parking lot. It is permitted to use these devices to receive and send electronic messages as long as they are on silent mode.

Members playing personal music or videos should be considerate of those around them, especially around the Club. 
Dress Code & Recommended Attire 

The dress code was established to ensure that members and guests dress in a fashion benefitting the surroundings and atmosphere of the Club. It should consistent with proper private club etiquette on the golf course, in the clubhouse, and on the club premises. Members are responsible of the attire of their guests and parents are responsible for the attire of their children. 
*The dress code may be modified for special club functions at the discretion of the Board.

When coming or leaving the pool, cover-ups and footwear must be worn when entering the clubhouse and patio. Members and guests wearing swimsuits are permitted access to the pool complex only.

All tennis and pickleball players must wear proper tennis attire and footwear at all times. 

It is not the intent to embarrass or harass members or guests. However, members will be notified when codes and policies are not followed.

Care of the Course

Every member and their guests have the responsibility to care for our course.
- Rake bunkers and place rake inside bunker
- Replace divots
- Repair ball marks on the green
- Dispose of trash in appropriate containers
Smoking/Vaping Policy

- Smoking, including vaping, is not permitted at anytime inside the clubhouse, pro shop, or within any other indoor facility of the Club 
- Members and guests who choose to smoke outdoors on Club grounds are asked to do so in a manner that is courteous to fellow members and guests
 Pace of Play

It has become a custom at Pine Hills to play without delay. 
- Pace of play for a foursome is established as four (4) hours for 18 holes
- If a player or group of players is delaying following players and has one clear hole or more open ahead, the following players should signal the following player(s) to pass and have given such signal, they should not continue play until the following player(s) have passed and are out of the range

Firearms and other weapons are prohibited on Club premises.

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