Hole 1 - Men's Par: 4 - Blue Tee: 376 yds; White Tee: 360 yds; Gold Tee: 331 yds; Red Tee: 329 yds The opening hole gives you a good look at the terrain you will encounter during the majority of your round at Pine Hills. A tee shot down the right side of the fairway could give you some extra yardage if you can carry the hill. The green is dissected into two halves, front and back, with a ridge running across the green which rewards good distance control.
Hole 2 - Men's Par: 4 - Blue Tee: 384 yds; White Tee: 372 yds; Gold Tee: 331 yds; Red Tee: 329 yds From a slightly elevated tee box, the 2nd hole plays back towards the clubhouse. The green is guarded by a number of deep bunkers which can grab any errant shot towards this green. One of the more difficult greens on Pine Hills places a premium on ball position with your approach.
Hole 3 - Men's Par: 5 - Blue Tee: 518 yds; White Tee: 501 yds; Gold Tee: 429 yds; Red Tee: 426 yds The 3rd hole is a three-shot par 5 where only the longest of players have a chance to get home in two. The slight dogleg to the left plays uphill to an elevated green with a bunker in front of and two bunkers behind the green for protection. The green slopes down to the front-right of the green.
Hole 4 - Men's Par: 4 - Blue Tee: 449 yds; White Tee: 429 yds; Gold Tee: 347 yds; Red Tee: 343 yds The 4th hole is generally considered the most difficult par 4 on the course. With a slight dogleg to the left, the best positioned drive is on the right center of the fairway to give you a full view of the green while avoiding the water hazard. A long iron or wood is usually required to hit the green which slopes from back to front. The elevated green is protected by a bunker on the left side and steep drop-offs around the remainder of the green.
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